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Many businesses have decided to have their commercial and
industrial kitchens deep cleaned by Duct Cleaning UK. We can
undertake a full degrease, sanitise and steam clean of the
whole kitchen 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to minimise
the disruption to your kitchen operations.
We provide before and after images and insurance industry
approved certification for all duct and kitchen cleans undertaken.
Duct Cleaning UK offers a comprehensive range of kitchen and
duct cleaning services in many different industries on behalf of a
huge spectrum of clients.

We have undertaken the
cleaning of air ventilation and dry duct
systems within office blocks, schools, hospitals and apartment
blocks to ensure the air inside is safe to breathe and free from
dangerous contaminates.

Duct Cleaning UK has also built up the reputation of being the
industry leader when it comes to the
cleaning of kitchen grease
, extraction canopy's and extractor fans. The regular
cleaning of kitchen ducting and ventilation systems is not just a
health and hygiene related task. The majority of insurance
providers now stipulate that commercial kitchens must have their
extraction systems, including the canopy, ductwork and extractor
fan professionally cleaned on a regular basis to validate their
buildings insurance and the businesses fire risk assessment.
This is also the case in the laundry industry as there is a risk of
clothing fibres, dust and lint igniting within the duct causing at
best repairable damage to the ductwork and fan. Fires within
laundry ducting and ventilation systems can be costly to repair,
time consuming to claim expenses from your insurance
company and can lead to the destruction of buildings or even
the loss of life.
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